Department of
medical microbiology, UGMS

The Department’s diagnostic laboratories subscribe to three external quality assurance programmes

The laboratories of the Department are well-equipped. This, coupled with the high calibre of our faculty, laboratory physicians and technical staff, is enabling the Department to offer high-quality diagnostic services. The diagnostic services offered by the Department include:

  • Blood culture
  • CSF culture and biochemistry
  • Stool culture and routine examination
  • Urine culture and routine examination
  • Analyses of swab specimens: HVS, wound, endocervical, throat
  • MRSA screening
  • Hepatitis B screening
  • Rotavirus testing

Currently, the diagnostic services of the Department are offered to institutions rather than the general public. For more information on the Department’s diagnostic services, please send an email to: or call +233-553527140.


The Department of Medical Microbiology installed a new MALDI TOF in 2021. This is making our diagnostic work more fascinating.